100-Year-Old Veteran Proves That Fundraising Works

August 22, 2020
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In light of his upcoming 100th birthday on April 2020, Captain Tom Moore of the United Kingdom had set out to raise a little over $1,200. By the time his birthday came, however, he had raised an astounding $39 million for charity. Here is how this 100-year-old man showed the world that fundraising truly works.

How Moore Did It

Moore is no stranger to international turmoil. A veteran that fought for the British forces during World War II, Moore felt deeply inspired by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and set out to do what he could to help those in need. He determined he could make the most impact by raising money for charity.

Moore began his efforts when he was still 99 years old, pledging to walk 100 laps around his garden in Bedfordshire, U.K. before his 100th birthday. He walked his laps while impeccably dressed in his coat, tie and military medals, and asked for donations as he made his rounds. Though his goal was only a little over $1,200, it soon became clear that Moore was reaching and inspiring many more people than he originally anticipated. More than 1.5 million people donated to help Moore reach his goal, reaching a total of over $39 million.

Moore chose to donate his funds to the NHS Charities Together, which is a collection of over 250 charities that mainly focus on aiding hospitals throughout the country. Moore chose the NHS Charities Together because of the important work that the National Health Service does for the U.K., especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fundraising and Poverty

Captain Tom Moore’s story not only proves that fundraising works, but that anyone with a strong resolve can make a difference in the world. Many important humanitarian aid organizations are only able to run their programs and provide relief packages to those in need from the donations they receive.

One of the most pertinent issues facing the world today is global poverty. Experts estimate that as of 2015 over 10% of the world’s population was living in extreme poverty, meaning they live on less than $1.90 a day. Many nonprofit organizations wish to alleviate the pressures faced by those living in impoverished conditions; however, these organizations are unable to do so without proper funding. This is why fundraising and hard work, as demonstrated by Moore, is so instrumental.

Nonprofit and humanitarian organizations use monetary donations to further their mission of ending global poverty. Without donations, many organizations would collapse and have no other choice than to shut their doors. Captain Tom Moore has proven that fundraising works, even in these turbulent times, and is inspiring people around the globe to follow in his footsteps. Moore has provided the world with a healthy reminder to strive for the betterment of society, alleviate global poverty and remember that no one is too old, young or small to fundraise for a good cause and make a difference.

Story Source: https://www.borgenmagazine.com/veteran-proves-fundraising-works/

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