13-Year-Old Florida Boy Scout Creates Device to Help Save People From Drowning

September 16, 2020
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Image Source: https://www.insideedition.com/

A 13-year-old Boy Scout is working to make a difference in his community and using his ingenuity in the process.

When Kaial Hajik heard about people drowning in the Gulf of Mexico near his hometown of Panama City Beach, Florida, he felt he had to do something. So Kaial built a prototype of a device he calls the LifeBoKx, a kit with life-saving equipment that could be installed along the beach. The “K” in the name stands for Kaial.

“It’s very simple, I would say, but it’s also very important in saving someone’s life,” Kaial told CBS affiliate WECP. “I wanted to let people know how to actually save people from those kinds of disasters like either currents or drownings.”

Inside the box are life vests, a lifesaver and CPR instructions. Each box would have a location number to help rescuers find people faster.

“I think when he saw the severity of the drownings throughout the year and the data it drove him to like ‘I see a need, fill a need,'” his father, Joe Hajik, told WECP.

The father-son duo hope to present the device to their local Optimist Club, which focuses on community service projects, and then the city council. Both are working hard in the hopes that the life-saving devices could be on the sand soon.

Story Source: https://www.insideedition.com/13-year-old-florida-boy-scout-creates-device-to-help-save-people-from-drowning-61236

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