3 kittens found in backpack saved from NJ recycling plant conveyor belt

January 24, 2021
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Workers at a New Jersey recycling plant were startled last week when a backpack on a conveyor belt was shifting around, with audible meowing sounds.

Three little kittens were saved from certain death thanks to the observation of a recycling sorter, WPVI reported.

According to Barrie Donaldson, it was all in a day’s work. However, he said he was still surprised when the bag came down the conveyer belt at OTC Recycling in Burlington.

”It’s my job if I see something like that,” Donaldson told the television station. “So, I grabbed the bag and it was cats in there.”

Workers said the 8-week-old kittens survived an overnight journey that started in a recycling bin and ended feet from a machine that shreds sorted recycling materials.

“It’s a miracle because nothing makes it,” Donaldson told WPVI.

The fortunate felines withstood being tossed around by the recycling truck’s compactor and being spun in a drum.

OTC plant operations manager Tim Whelihan said the kittens were left outside in a snowstorm on Dec. 16.

”These cats had three lives gone in one day,” Whelihan told WPVI.

One cat was adopted by a plant worker and was renamed Precious. The other two were taken in by Brian Marshall and his family.

”About a week ago, my daughter lost her cat due to it being struck by a car,” Marshall told WPVI. “So my daughter and I came over to look at the one. They brought out the other one. We fell in love with both of them.”

The Marshalls, from Burlington, named the kittens Luna and Sunny.

“We were meant to have these little babies now,” Brian Marshall’s daughter, Nicole, told WPVI.

Authorities are investigating the origin of the recycled backpack, the television station reported.

Story Source: https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/3-kittens-found-backpack-saved-nj-recycling-plant-conveyor-belt/CYH3JPG7MFACBMG3RN7464YRSY/?fbclid=IwAR2Z5rCrsMRvmWMJnUb80HsKigpABDYg6in33taLBenQcGXbMYM3CyOjQvs

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