6-year-old boy reunites with beloved stuffed dog left behind at CVG

July 26, 2020
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Image Source: https://www.wlwt.com/

Nine days. That’s how long this stuffed animal dog was on its own little vacation at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

You may remember seeing this cute fella flooding your Facebook and Twitter feeds. A stuffed spotted dog was left behind at the airport.

“We posted on social media and after a few posts, we reached more than 1 million people,” said CVG Spokesperson Mindy Kershner.

Airport officials launched a massive effort to return the pup to its owner.

Airport personnel gave the stuffed pup the Cincinnati experience, behind the scenes tours of the airport terminal, plane cockpits and of course showed him Cincinnati’s own ice cream.

“We introduced him to Graeter’s Ice Cream—he’s never had that before!” said Kershner.

As it turns out, the stuffed animal, named Masch Masch, isn’t your average toy.

He belongs to 6-year-old Florida resident Jaydence Ronco, who, along with his two brothers, Sully and Corbin, was adopted.

“We fostered all three of these boys and they each came up for adoption. And so, at different times we met before the judge and the judge, at least in the state of Florida, always gives a stuffed animal on their adoption day at the court,” explained Phyllis Ronco, Jaydence’s mother.

Masch Masch was Jaydence’s adoption gift.

The family was in town visiting friends and family in Cincinnati and Indianapolis and checking out Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. When it came time to head back to Florida, they didn’t notice Masch Masch was missing until they got back to Clearwater.

So how did Jaydence leave behind such a special pal?

“We were so sleepy that I forgot,” said Jaydence.

Jaydence said he was sad until Allegiant employee Tracy Kleinhenz helped track down who she thought the stuffed puppy’s owners are.

She reached out to the Roncos, they took to social media, and discovered it’s their missing Masch Masch.

“The story took on a life of its own as we were so surprised to hear up in the Cincinnati area. So it’s kind of been fun reading the Twitter and Facebook posts,” said Doug Ronco, Jaydence’s Dad.

And Jaydence has loved the attention.

“I and Masch Masch are famous!” he exclaimed.

So, that leads us to today, a one-way ticket back to Florida, and a send-off fit for a very special stuffed animal.

Story Source: https://www.wlwt.com/article/6-year-old-boy-reunites-with-beloved-stuffed-dog-left-behind-at-cvg/33417467


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