A brave dog saved her owner’s life by stopping traffic and flagging down a truck when she collapsed during a walk

April 30, 2021
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A dog saved her owner’s life by flagging down help from a passing car after she collapsed during a walk in her neighborhood in Canada.

Haley Moore had taken her one-and-a-half-year-old Maremma mix, Clover, out for a walk in Stittsville, Ottawa, last week, when she had a seizure.

CCTV footage from a neighbor’s security camera, shared by multiple news outlets online, showed how the dog reacted to the situation.

In the recording, Clover first checks on Moore and watches a car drive past before a second vehicle approaches just moments later.

She manages to free her leash from her owner’s hand and blocks the truck’s path, forcing it to come to a stop and for the driver to get out.

The driver, 21-year-old Dryden Oatway, told Canada’s CTV News: “It was really impressive. The dog actually blocked my way. She kind of backed into the road to block my truck.”

Oatway was watched closely by Clover the entire time that the three were together. He left briefly to try and get more help from a neighbor before returning to tend to Moore, according to CTV News. However, Clover eventually caught the attention of a second passerby, Danielle Pilon, a neighbor of Moore who also stopped helping.

The dog then dashed home to inform Moore’s family about the seizure. Pilon told CTV News: “You could tell she didn’t want to leave her even when we were with her but I think it just came to her that she was like ‘I need to go home to let them know she needs help.'”

Her father, Randall, also told CTV News: “When I got a knock on the door from the neighbors, they were frantic and our dog Clover was barking like crazy.” By the time they arrived at the scene, Moore was in an ambulance being treated by paramedics and recovered.

Although the family remains unsure about what caused the seizure, Moore told CTV News: “If this ends up happening again, I feel ten times safer and I know she will be there for me.  You know how good animals are and she’s a really amazing dog and I love her to death.”

Clover, a rescue dog, was given a steak dinner treat as a thank you for her bravery.

Story Source: https://www.insider.com/dog-saves-life-of-owner-who-has-seizure-during-walk-2021-3

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