A Circus in Germany Started to use Holograms Instead of Animals

July 27, 2020
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Image Source: https://awwanimal.com/

There is a lot of problems for animal lover with zoos and circuses, the way they behave with the animals in zoos and circuses for a lot of people it is not acceptable, but it seems that in Germany one circus came with an interesting idea. We all know that in the majority of time thing were worse at circuses than in zoos, but know technology can change a lot after this circus in Germany came up with an amazing idea, the circus in order to stop the animal mistreatment they replaced animals with realistic holograms, ant this circus in Germany is the first one with this brilliant idea.

According to the Science News Reporter, they made animations are projected to real size with computer and shown in a magnificent and spectacular way. The computer technology now allows also animals like monkeys, elephants or even wild horses to do acrobatics on stage.

The circus now has decided to replace with animals with lasers, projectors and lenses, we hope other circuses will do the same as this circus did in Germany.

Story Source: https://awwanimal.com/2020/07/14/a-circus-in-germany-started-to-use-holograms-instead-of-animals/

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