A metal band made up of cats has dropped its first single for charity

May 2, 2021
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Image Source: https://www.abc.net.au/

Paws up for Cattera and ‘Hunger Of The Beast’.

Weirder things have happened in the past 12 months, let’s be real. Which is why, when we learned about Cattera – a metal band made up of cats – we didn’t really flinch. Why shouldn’t this be a thing?

The ‘band’ has released its first single in ‘Hunger Of The Beast’, a charity effort to benefit a local cat rescue in Brooklyn, New York. The rescue’s name? Whiskers-A-GoGo.

Cattera is fronted by Roope-Shakir, a cat who was rescued by Whiskers-A-GoGo, who admits that having a helpful paw up in the music industry is important.

On Instagram, he shared, “I understand how important it is to have good press. I just meow all day so there’s no way you would have found out about CATTERA otherwise.”

“When you come from the streets, you’ve got a lot to say, and a lot of friends to help. Luckily I’ve got some industry connects to help me write some hard ass cat metal and spread the word.”

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The track is up on Bandcamp, and has been receiving a lot of support, as you’d expect. Cat metal. It’s the new wave.

Along with the track, a short ‘in studio’ video has also been released, showing Roope-Shakir in his new recording environment.

Story Source: https://www.abc.net.au/triplej/news/musicnews/cattera-cat-metal-band-drops-first-single-charity/13290556

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