A Quebecer Made A Massive George Floyd Snow Sculpture On His Front Lawn

January 24, 2021
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Image Source: https://www.mtlblog.com/

This summer, thousands flocked to the streets of Montreal to protest police brutality, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

The protests called for an end to systemic racism and for defunding the Montreal police — rallying cries met with skepticism by Quebec’s premier, François Legault, who claimed there is “no systemic discrimination” in the province.

Now, 29-year-old Timothée de Sandro, an artist from Quebec City, is paying homage to the late Floyd, whose face has become an emblem for racial injustice around the world.

De Sandro sculpted an 11-foot statue in Floyd’s likeness on the front lawn of his family home, located on Avenue Esioff-Patenaude in a neighbourhood called Sillery. In true Quebec fashion, it’s made from winter snow.

The George Floyd snow sculpture has taken “a pretty big hit” in recent days, de Sandro said, due to volatile weather conditions, including rain.

It is still standing but certain details appear to be blurred. De Sandro said he’ll try to fix it in the next week or two, but “it really depends on the weather.”

Story source: https://www.mtlblog.com/en-ca/people/montreal/george-floyd-a-quebecer-made-a-massive-snow-sculpture-on-his-front-lawn?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0zpxV2FHtL_CG97uf1_MQUu5c4Eyjkntzb-U0gV6pJtaeySTh-zlvhv9U

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