A Recovery Plan Has Been Introduced For Caracals In India

August 8, 2021
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Caracals have now been placed on the critically endangered list in India. The cat is common in the African savanna. For India, it is a rare exotic cat.They were the pets of choice for India’s royalty. Who kept them to hunt small game.

Caracals have now been declared critically endangered by The National Board for Wildlife. According to The Times of India, the species are native to Gujrat and Rajasthan.

Prakash Javdekar, the Union Forest Minister tweeted the news. Furthermore, he announced a recovery plan for the caracal population. The Wildlife Board will order a special program to breed the wild cat to ensure their protection.

First of all, an estimate of the cat’s existing numbers will be carried out. Following this, their habitats will be studied. Finally, a breeding program will be set up for the cats. The Board will also aim to improve their habitat. As a result, the caracals might be bred in captivity if it is necessary. A senior official claims this plan is similar to saving the Indian bustard.

Caracals are one of the fastest wild cats. Therefore, they are near perfect hunters. Like a majority of predators, caracals are carnivores. Birds, rodents, and even small monkeys are a part of their diet.

Their strong hind legs allow them to jump up to 10 feet high! Subsequently, they can easily catch birds while they are mid-air. Additionally, they will sometimes climb trees like leopards to catch their prey. National Geographic has confirmed this.

Those familiar with internet memes might recall the sensation ‘Big Floppa.’ Which is about a pet caracal. Eventually, the cat and its owner rose to internet fame. They became the subject of a number of memes. This entire wealth of content celebrated the love of everyone’s favorite caracal.

Surely, this marks an important milestone being achieved.

Story Source: https://thekoalabears.com/2021/07/01/a-recovery-plan-has-been-introduced-for-caracals-in-india

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