‘Adorable fluff ball’: Pair of PA bald eagles welcome their first hatchling of 2021

April 14, 2021
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Image Source: https://wjactv.com/

A pair of Pennsylvania bald eagles welcomed their first hatchling of 2021 into the world this week, according to Raptor Ecology Specialist Zoey Greenburg.

The eaglet, the first hatchling in the Hanover nest this year, arrived Saturday around 6 a.m.

The pair of eggs were laid in the first week of February.

“This objectively adorable fluff ball is officially the third member of this year’s Hanover family, and its sibling is likely preparing to emerge as we speak,” Greenburg wrote in the Hanover Eagle Blog.

Greenburg says bald eagle eggs usually hatch about two or three days apart, mirroring the same time interval of when the eggs were laid.

The first eaglet will weigh more than its sibling which is normal for raptor young, according to Greenburg.

The Hanover parents will help keep their hatchlings warm because the eaglets are unable to thermoregulate until they’re about 15 days old, Greenburg says.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has been partnering with HDOnTAP and Comcast Business to provide a live look at the Hanover eagles’ nest in York County.

You can check out the livestream for yourself by clicking here.

The bald eagle population is continuing to see a resurgence in Pennsylvania, but as the population increases, so do the raptors’ negative interactions with humans.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the presence of lead in the environment is one of the major threats to bald eagles, but people can help reduce this threat by choosing to use non-lead ammunition while hunting or by burying carcasses and gut piles so they’re not consumed by the scavenging birds.

Story Source: https://wjactv.com/news/local/adorable-fluff-ball-pair-of-pa-bald-eagles-welcome-their-first-hatchling-of-2021

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