Alabama boy, 9, buys bicycles for 20 children in need

January 20, 2021
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An Alabama boy bought 20 bikes to give away to children in need.

Three months ago young entrepreneur and philanthropist, Josh Cox, 9, moved up from his own party rental business and started working in the transportation industry as part of his dad’s company, Cox Transportation, WALA reported.

“On paper we put him as the operations manager and, so, just teaching him different things about gross, net income, how to pay drivers as he stated, making sure drivers are taken care of and the fundamentals of business day in and day out,” father Anthony Cox said.

Josh, who oversees a truck and a driver, is making more money on the trucking business and wanted to help others. He bought the bikes for 10 boys and 10 girls, WALA reported. His mother helped find people in need to give them to.

“Some families are less fortunate and we just wanted to help out,” Josh Cox said.

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