Amateur football team raises over 20mln to be Poland’s first fan-owned club

October 13, 2021
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An amateur football club has raised over 20 million PLN to become the first fan-owned club of its kind in Poland.

Launching the initiative in July, Warsaw’s KTS Weszło SA has so far attracted over 11,000 investors to be part owners of the club.

The club said: “Sports success is a fantastic thing. However, we want KTS Weszło to be something more than a great team.

“We dream of a project that not only provides entertainment, but also really helps those who need help.”

It added: “From the very beginning, we have been building the Social and Sports Club Weszło on transparent terms, and openness to its fans is important to us.

With the shareholder offer ending mid-September, the final amount raised is yet to be seen.Krzysztof Stanowski/Twitter

“The further development of the company will allow us to create even more effective tools for team management by the community of its shareholders-co-owners.”

Established in 2018, KTS Weszło SA are the new kids on the block of the Warsaw football scene. The capital has two legendary professional clubs, Legia Warsaw who regularly play in European competitions and Polonia Warsaw who are the oldest sports club in the city.

But despite their young age, the club has already attracted celebrities and professional player into their ranks, led by football journalist and commentator Krzysztof Stanowski, and have partnered with internationally known sport wear firm New Balance who have even used them in an advert.

Equally impressive is their on-pitch performance, having won their opening three games this season.

With the shareholder offer ending mid-September, the final amount raised is yet to be seen.

But the club has already made plans saying that a large chunk of the money raised will be spent on buying land for and building a new ground, sport centre and training academy.

It added that the training facilities won’t be exclusively for the team but for training budding local footballers.

The club said: “The football academy will also open to those who cannot train due to their financial or family circumstances.

“We will involve the KTS Weszło team and its fans through charity matches, fundraisers among fans and actions with famous sportsmen.

“All this to support and enable children from less privileged families to train our beloved discipline.”

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