Amazon’s New Payment System Lets You Pay With Your Palms: How Does ‘Amazon One’ Work? Is It Safe?

October 23, 2020
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A new hand-payment system is set to be introduced on few selected Amazon Go stores. Using a machine called ‘Amazon One,’ customers can now pay through scanning their palms in the device.

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, Amazon via CNN launched the device which they said to be the most COVID-19 friendly payment system out there. You don’t need to touch cash, or any credit card-verifying devices on stores.

Here’s how it works: For example, you need to pay for your items on Amazon Go. Customers will go to the machine, insert their credit card into the provided slot, then scan their hands (with palms facing downwards) which sensor will record and identify the person.

Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of physical retail and technology, told upon his interview with CNN, that the palm-scanning recognition can scan more accurately than other biometrics measures.

“I encourage people to try it, see how they like the experience, and then go from there,” Kumar said.

No longer surprise

Amazon One is no longer a surprising security stunt, made by the company. Late last year, Vox reported that Amazon patented a technology that could identify their customers through their hands.

It was even claimed that Amazon One could also do a payment system that “if the user picks an item from an inventory location and leaves the facility, their account may be billed for that item.”

As of now, it was not clarified if this feature can be done with Amazon One.

How about your security?

Olly Murs visits Amazon to pick, pack and personally deliver surprise gifts to a family of fans using Amazon Prime Now one-hour service on November 30, 2015 in London, England.

If there’s one thing that makes this technology bothersome is the possiblity of biometric privacy breach on each customers.

After all, some groups already crticize Amazon for its facial-recognition software. In fact, in the midst of ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest, the company chose to stop selling the technology to police officers.

To those worried, Kumar said that users no need to be alarmed with their security with Amazon One, since the company guarantees that no information will be transmitted to the stores.

All data will be saved using an encryption and Amazon stores said that all palm images will be saved online.

Unfortunately, Amazon One tech is only currently available at two of the Amazon Go stores in Seattle, at 7th Avenue and Blanchard Street, and in the South Lake Union neighborhood.  More stores are expected to introduced this tech soon.

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