An app game that fights anxiety and depression

December 14, 2020
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According to two recent reports, a game-based app for smartphones and tablets called Project: Connect Words tends to help people with depression. It also helps kids and teenagers to enhance IQ and vocabulary. It targets underlying cognitive conditions, such as concentration and focus.

Ema, a University of School of Medicine researcher in psychology and behavioral sciences, states, “We found that moderately depressed people do better with apps like this because they address or treat correlates of depression.”

The first study enrolled adults diagnosed with late-life depression in a clinical trial where they were randomized to receive either treatment using the app or a method of in-person therapy known as problem-solving therapy (PST).

The findings, published in the journal Depression and Anxiety, indicate that, relative to behavioral therapy, the community using Project: Connect Words showed specific cognitive benefits (such as attention) and saw similar changes in mood and self-reported function.

Project: Connect Words was not directly designed to treat depressive symptoms, we hypothesized that by improving cognitive problems with targeted treatment, there could indeed be beneficial effects on these symptoms, and so far the results are promising,” says Emma.

It is understood that people with depression have difficulty focusing their attention on personal goals and reporting trouble concentrating because their interests are so distracted. The Project: Connect Words was developed to help people concentrate their attention better and to stop people from being easily distracted.

Outcomes from the second analysis

Ema, the lead researcher for the study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Science, found that all three classes, including placebo, were able to see changes in individuals who were slightly depressed. However, following their use of Project Connect Words, those individuals who were more than slightly depressed showed a greater improvement in their symptoms.

A game app connect words was made for fun. A simple game used to connect words but mixing it with a piece of music makes it an app that can benefit depressed people.

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