Appeal after trick-or-treaters bring Newcastle grandma gifts

November 29, 2021
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A group of trick-or-treaters who bought gifts for a great-grandmother are being sought by the woman’s family to say thank you.

Brenda Burdon, 86, was visited at home in Denton, Newcastle, by three children called Jessie, Olivia and Walter.

She apologised for having no treats to give them when they visited on Thursday but the next day they returned with a card, chocolates and a £10 note.

Ms Burdon’s family said they had been amazed by the children’s actions.

Her grandson Danny Parker said she had bought them some presents as a reward for their generosity, and she was keen to give them the £10 back.

He said she had been waiting in the hope they would come back and get their gifts.

Mr Parker said the children told his grandmother they did not mind she did not have any treats.

According to his grandmother the children then said: “It’s OK, because sometimes making people happy and getting a nice big smile is reward enough.”

‘Lost in happiness’

Mr Parker added: “A little later the kids returned with a selection of gifts and a wonderful note that just made her day.

“I spent a few hours with her that afternoon and she was just lost in happiness that total strangers could leave such a wonderful impression.

“She is 86 and said this was the best Halloween of her life.

“The sad part to the happy Halloween story is they never came back a third time for the gifts she had got for them which are still set aside by her front door.

“The £10 is also waiting because she wants to give it back to them so they can spend it on themselves.”

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