Becoming self-reliant, conjoined twins learn to repair electronics

August 8, 2020
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The endearing 17-year-old conjoined twins, Sohna and Mohna, have achieved another feat. Residing at a ‘pingalwara’ in Amritsar, they have honed their skills in repairing electric appliances under the supervision of electrician Malkiat Singh.

Growing up as individuals with distinct features, they keep egging each other. Sohna is quick to respond. “Saanu avaajan paindiyan ne jado kise ward vich light chali jaye. Asi trained han hun bijli de kam ch (We are called up whenever there is a disruption in the power supply in any ward. We are trained now),” he said.

Mohna said, “Asi ik duje nal salah karke bijli theek karde han (We consult with each other while repairing the snag).”

Born on June 14, 2003, at Sucheta Kriplani Hospital in New Delhi, Sohna and Mohna share all vital organs. They have two hearts, two pairs of arms, kidneys and spinal cords, but only one liver and gall bladder. They are conjoined below the torso and have one pair of legs. They were shifted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences where doctors decided not to separate them as it could entail the death of one.

Their parents abandoned them, but they were welcomed in a new family at the pingalwara on August 13 the same year. They were named Sohna and Mohna by Dr Inderjeet Kaur, president of the Pingalwara Society.

“Sohna and Mohna are curious and bright, but naughty and chirpy. It is good that they have developed a technical mindset and have learnt repairing electric appliances. Another advantage is that they carry many tools in one go with multiple arms,” she said. They have passed Class X this year. “Later, they can pursue a diploma or degree from an ITI. We are committed to make them self-reliant and lead a dignified life,” she said.

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