Boy choking on sweet saved by man at Wymondham petrol station

October 3, 2021
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A mother has praised the first responder who happened to be in “the right place at the right time” when her nine-year-old son choked on a sweet.

Kayleigh Hurren had pulled over at a petrol station in Wymondham, Norfolk, when son Archie “went rigid and blue”.

Steve Maddams, who was buying snacks for the England game, dislodged the sweet and called for back up.

Describing him as an “angel of a man”, Ms Hurren said: “If it hadn’t been for Steve, Archie would no longer be here.”

Mr Maddams, who volunteers for Norfolk Accident and Rescue Service (Nars), was heading out of the shop when he heard Ms Hurren’s screams.

‘Shaking and helpless’

“I went into complete panic mode, hitting his back but nothing was working,” said Ms Hurren.

“I saw a man coming out of the shop and I screamed for his help.

“I stood and watched, shaking and helpless, as this man threw his crisps and ice cream to the floor and proceeded to save my son’s life before my very eyes.

“He managed to get the sweet down to his stomach – it was insane.”

Mr Maddams said: “I was at the right place at the right time to be able to use my skills to save Archie.

“I noticed a boy choking and his mum screaming for help.

“I immediately helped and, with the training I’ve got, I dislodged the sweet out of his mouth, then I called for help on my radio.”

Mrs Hurren has set up an online fundraising page for Nars as a thank you to Mr Maddams, and admitted that she was not previously aware of the service, which relies on public donations.

“I will never know how to thank that man for his quick response, lack of panic and complete support he showed me throughout the whole thing,” she added.

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