Bull Still on the Loose on Long Island, 1 Day After Escaping Slaughter

August 22, 2021
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Much like his bovine friends on the West Coast, one bull on Long Island, New York, was not interested in a trip to the slaughterhouse this week.

According to the Associated Press, the 1,500-lb. animal “busted” through a fence Tuesday morning and as of Wednesday, July 21, still has not been found. ABC7 says the animal was meant “to be sacrificed as part of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha” when it got loose during a 50-person ceremony and ran free.

Tasbir Ahammed of East New York was at the ceremony, telling ABC7, “It just started chasing everybody.” He said a handful of people suffered minor injuries as they tried to move from the animal’s path.

Per ABC7, the bull shut down a portion of Sunrise Highway for some time on Tuesday after its escape before wandering through neighborhoods, where residents took photos and posted on social media. Rescue groups are working with the Suffolk County Police Department to track and locate the bull as locals share sightings.

As of Tuesday night, patrol cars were searching the area, looking not only for the animal but its footprints, too.

“We’re here on horseback with lassos, and we’re just trying to get him before any accident, before any kind of damage is done to him or anybody else,” Frank Floridia of Strong Island Animal Rescue told the Associated Press.

ABC7 says police are advising residents to stay inside and stay far from the animal if they see it, and to call 911 immediately to report sightings.

If the bull is located safely, it will likely be taken to an animal sanctuary in New Jersey, ABC7 reports.

Story Source: https://people.com/pets/bull-on-the-loose-long-island-1-day-after-escaping-slaughterhouse/

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