CARE Comes to Rescue: Builds Tremor-Proof Homes in India

August 29, 2020
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CARE and The Federation of India’s Chambers of Commerce have joined forces on one of the biggest rehabilitation projects since a devastating earthquake ripped through Gujarat state in India six months ago. The project is building 10,000 earthquake resistant homes, schools, and community centers in 30 villages. It is also restoring water systems.

Recently, surviving families in Nilpar village were the first to move into their completed homes. In order to make these houses tremor-proof, all sorts of upgrades have to be added to what would otherwise be a standard structure. From a stronger foundation all the way to adding reinforced flat washers to all screws and bolts, these structures are built to last and withstand. Currently, construction of 2,500 houses in 9 more villages is underway and is scheduled to be completed by December.

“In six months, from death and devastation, our project participants have come to feel a sense of hope and optimism,” said Tom Alcedo, project co-chairman. “The project has been providing people with the opportunity to find work, to find security in the building of their new homes and in being able to send their children to school again.”

Over the next 30 months, the project hopes to rebuild the livelihoods of 50,000 people. The project is also providing microinsurance, training in construction and agricultural support to communities.

CARE, together with national and local corporations, are drawing on the talent and support of India’s top architects, builders and engineers. This combination of resources has enabled the partnership to move beyond emergency relief to working to end poverty. The CARE-FICCI project fund currently stands at more than $24 million.The fundraising goal is $30 million.

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