China is on the Move: From Renewables to Forest Cities

July 19, 2020
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Some good news from the CO2 giant China, which in the past has suffered from truly terrifying levels of air pollution and other toxins in it’s water and soil. The story is changing however, and fast.

China is exceeding it’s target goals for 2020 on limiting emissions, is the largest solar power manufacturer in the world, and is spending $3 dollars on renewable energy for every $1 the US spends.

And it’s got plans. Namely, a “forest city,” set to begin construction in 2020, it is a city not only a lot prettier than miles of smog often seen in Beijing, but set to “eat pollution” itself. The millions of plants set to inhabit the city are projected to absorb 10,000 CO2 each year and produce 900 tons of oxygen.

Designed by an Italian firm and set to house 30,000 people it would be the world’s most ambitious green urban development. Renewable, modern, and handsome, this could be the bio-punk future most sci-fi writers haven’t even dreamed of yet.

As the largest coal-burner in the world China still has a long way to go, but it is a relief to see such effort put into a future we could all be happy to live in.

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