Christmas: 94 years old alone at home calls Cc to make a toast

January 20, 2021
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He phoned the Carabinieri of the operations center of Vergato, in the Bolognese area to say that he felt alone and to ask to be able to share a Christmas toast with someone. The protagonist of the story is a 94 year old from Alto Reno who called the military saying that he was “alone at home: I don’t miss anything, I only need a physical person with whom to exchange the Christmas toast. If there was a soldier available, 10 minutes to come and see me because I’m alone “.
    So, after hearing the phone call, the men of the Arma went to the home of Signor Fiorenzo who was waiting for them. To the Carabinieri, the 94-year-old told life anecdotes such as that of his father-in-law, Marshal Francesco Sferrazza who at the time of the Second World War commanded the station of the
    The Carabinieri chatted with the elderly man, made a toast and then a video call to the elderly’s relatives. A similar event had happened a few days ago, when the Carabinieri of the Alto Reno Terme station went to the rescue of another elderly person who had been in the cold for days due to an anomaly in the heating system.

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