Concord woman pays for multiple strangers’ groceries, hopes to inspire acts of kindness

December 1, 2020
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A Concord woman continues to give back to her community through random acts of kindness, News 9 first learned of Brandy Bisson through the u Local New Hampshire Facebook group.

Recently, Bisson paid for eight strangers’ groceries and said she is not done yet. A mother of three, including two energetic school-age boys, one day last week, she decided to pay for other’s groceries, amounting to over $600.

“With the pandemic and everything and all the election stuff, I just wanted to bring smiles to people’s faces,” Bisson said.

She gained attention when a cashier posted the story on Facebook. Bisson said she is not rich, but she wanted to give back because the community recently held a parade and mailed gifts for her 7-year-old son’s birthday.

Bisson said her son Thomas originally thought the pandemic would put a damper on any kind of celebration.

Her gratitude did not finish with the grocery shopping last week. On Tuesday in Hooksett, she was buying groceries for someone else in need.

“She was crying, she said, ‘Thank you so much, you don’t understand what this means to me, it’s so hard to reach out and ask for help,’” Bisson said.

She said her giving spirit comes from her late mother, who set a positive example and while Bisson is not struggling now, she understands those who are.

“We’ve been on both ends of the spectrum so to speak,” Bisson said. “It’s not a good feeling when you don’t know where you’re going to get food for your kids.”

This weekend Bisson plans to continue giving back by buying Thanksgiving dinner for two families in Manchester.

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