Couple Donates Blood On Wedding Day To Save Life Of Young Girl

March 16, 2021
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A couple in Uttar Pradesh took time out on their wedding day for a praise-worthy act – they donated blood to save the life of a young girl. Details of the incident were shared on Twitter by Uttar Pradesh Police cop Ashish Mishra, whose ‘Police Mitra’ initiative to connect blood donors with people in need made the act possible.

Mr Mishra lauded the couple in a post shared on Twitter. He shared a picture of the newlyweds, still dressed in their wedding finery, while donating blood. The picture shows the man donating blood while his wife stands next to him, dressed in her wedding lehenga.

“My India is great,” the cop wrote in Hindi. He explained that a young girl was in need of a blood donor, but nobody stepped up to help her “because she was someone else’s child.”

Getting to know about this, the unnamed couple helped save the girl’s life by donating blood. “On their own wedding day, the couple donated blood to save the girl’s life,” Mr Mishra wrote on Twitter.

Their act won the couple a lot of praise on social media.

“Big salute.. God bless the newly wed couple,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Great work,” another wrote.

The Police Mitra initiative was started by Ashish Mishra in 2017 to save the lives of patients by connecting them to blood donors.

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