Coyote pup rescued after jumping in San Francisco Bay near Fisherman’s Wharf

September 30, 2021
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On Thursday morning, a coyote pup went for a touristy stroll along Pier 39. No one can say for sure what she was doing there, although we’re betting she was popping in for a clam chowder bread bowl. But the critter’s morning walk ended unceremoniously after she fell into the bay, as first reported by ABC7.

Well, actually the coyote jumped in the water — but it doesn’t seem like she thought it through. Most likely, she was just trying to evade the SF Animal Care and Control officer on her tail.

“Earlier we had a call about a coyote in somebody’s yard that couldn’t find their way out, and we’re pretty sure it’s the same coyote,” said SF Animal Care and Control Captain Amy Corso. “Our officer had to come out to get her out. An hour later we get a call that she’s at Pier 39 now … At one point her head was stuck between the flats of the dock. When our officer approached, she was so afraid of her, that rather than either get caught by her or run somewhere, she dove in to the bay.”

The unfortunate pup did her best to tread water, but she wasn’t going to last long out there. Fortunately, a boat quickly came to her rescue: a Blue & Gold Fleet with Animal Control officer Stephanie Pone aboard. When Pone scooped up the little coyote in a net, a crowd of bystanders cheered (see a video of the rescue here).

Afterwards, the coyote was brought back to the shelter, where she was treated by veterinarian staff for hypothermia — which basically means being swaddled in a blanket with warm air pumped into it. Once she was all warmed up and cozy, the pup was released back into the wild.

Coyotes rescues in San Francisco don’t happen every day, but Corso said they’ve become more common over the past few years.

“Our officers do amazing rescues every day,” she said. “… I don’t want to say fishing a coyote out of the bay is pretty normal, but these types of rescues are generally what our officers do every day.”

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