Egypt to produce 15 mln coins featuring medical workers

March 2, 2021
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Egypt will produce new coins featuring a design of medical workers to pay homage to Egypt’s “white army” that have been “on the frontlines in the fight against the coronavirus,” Minister of Finance Mohamed Maait said on Friday.

The move is in appreciation of “their courageous efforts to save the lives of thousands of people,” he added.

Egypt’s president and authorities have repeatedly hailed the role of doctors and nurses amid the pandemic. As the vaccination campaign started in the country last month, medical workers at quarantine hospitals have been the first to receive the vaccine.

Egypt will produce 15 million coins with the new design, including 10 million EGP 1 coins and 5 million PT 50 coins, Maait said in a cabinet statement.

“The ministry wants to develop national awareness of the symbols of human giving who have enriched our lives with their heroic stances and valuable sacrifices,” Maait added.

The minister pointed out to the government’s decisions taken to raise medical workers’ salaries, including raising monthly allowances granted to around 600,000 doctors and other medical staff at the cost of EGP 2.25 billion.

The raise includes physicians, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, nursing staff, chemists, physicists, and medical technicians.

The decision, announced in March 2020, raises monthly allowances for medical workers from a range of EGP 400-700 to a range of EGP 700-1,225.

In addition, a presidential decree ordered the creation of a risk fund for medical staff.

The state also decided in April to raise the monthly bonus of intern doctors who work in university and Al-Azhar hospitals from EGP 400 to EGP 700 to receive EGP 2,200 per month.

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