Exceptional Kid: How an 8-year-old BR girl became a published author during a pandemic

January 24, 2021
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When Holli Holland experienced bullying at school last year, she immediately reached out to her parents and teachers for help. However, Holli wanted to do even more. During the pandemic, the 8-year-old began writing a book about her experience as a way to encourage other children. That book, “You Are Enough!” was published in November and has already sold more than 100 copies.

Holli’s dad, Hansoni Holland, said he was “a little surprised” when his daughter wanted to write a book, but also excited to see how she wanted to channel her own experience into a way to help others.

“It was an amazing process, just to watch her use her mind and expand it and figure out what she needed to do to write the book,” Hansoni said. “For me, it was just astounding to watch that whole process and see her excitement every step of the way.”

Since the book has been published, Holli has been working hard to spread the word. Hansoni said that for his daughter, it’s not about selling a product – it’s about helping other children.

“She wants to help the world,” Hansoni said. “She wants to reach kids both locally and not in this area. It’s really exciting to watch.”

Holli’s instincts to help others have been a part of her personality for her entire life, her dad said. He credits her mother and grandmother with inspiring Holli to be caring, loving and generous.

“It’s been a good thing to watch,” he said. “Sometimes you see kids who are excited with new toys or things like that. Holli gets that excitement out of helping others.”

Holli’s book is available locally or on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Enough-HOLLI-HOLLAND/dp/B08NF32DZG.

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