Fire department: Dog’s barking alerts owner to neighbor’s deck fire in Bethel

October 23, 2020
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A dog is being credited by first responders for alerting neighbors to a fire early Sunday morning in Bethel.

No one was injured and the family was able to remain in the residence once flames were doused.

The neighbor, awakened by the pet, reported the fire on a rear deck on Putnam Park Road at 4:30 a.m.

“This situation could have been drastically worse if it weren’t for a neighboring dog who barked to awake his owner and essentially alerted him to the fire next door,” according to a Facebook post from the Stony Hill Volunteer Fire Company.

When police and firefighters from the Bethel and Stony fire departments arrived, “A fire was found on the rear porch of the home with the family inside sleeping and unaware,” the post read.

Bethel Police evacuated the residents while firefighters and Police Officer Danilo DeOliveira worked to extinguish the fire, according to the post.

The fire only damaged the deck, according to the post. The Bethel Emergency Management and Fire Marshal office is investigating the cause.

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