Firefighters Rescue Visually Impaired Dog Stuck In A Pipe

April 28, 2021
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Social media users are applauding a team of firefighters who rescued a visually impaired and deaf dog from a drainage pipe in St Augustine, Florida. The details were posted on the Facebook page of the St Johns County Fire Rescue. In pictures of the mission, the dog is seen stuck in the pipe and how the crew members put in their utmost efforts to bring it out unhurt.

According to the post, the rescue teams responded to a call from the dog’s owner, who said that it was stuck in a drainage pipe. The caller said the pooch had slipped out of the house and gone missing. “Engine 14, Squad 4, and USAR 4 arrived and realized the dog was located in the center of the drainage pipe. The crews work for about two hours tying to free him. He was scared and tired but not injured. He was happy to be reunited with his family!” reads the post.

Facebook users couldn’t help but share their appreciation for the crew. One wrote, “Great job guys and I’m sure you got some great training out of it.” Another said, “I just saw your post saving ducks now you’re saving dogs y’all are out here savin everybody thank you so much for your service.”

Thanking the team for their efforts, a user said, “I’m so happy this dog had a happy ending thanks to you guys! Thank you!”

1CommentsThe same team recently rescued a duckling from a storm drain. It was reunited with its siblings and the mother. They also work for causes like marine safety, health care, fire safety etc.

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