Homeless eight-year-old who lived in a SHED with his family earns enough money to move them all into a one-bedroom apartment after starting a plant business with his mom’s final $12

November 27, 2020
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An eight-year-old whose family was homeless and living in a shed earlier this year has now moved his family into a one-bedroom apartment thanks to his thriving plant business.

Aaron Moreno, a first grader in LA, lives with his younger sister and their mom, Berenice Pacheco, but the family finances took a dramatic turn for the worse in March when Berenice, 30, lost her job due to the pandemic.

The family was soon living in a shed with no internet or bathroom when Aaron started selling succulents on a table outside — and soon turned it into a successful shop.

A serious go-getter: Aaron Moreno, a first grader in LA, has started his own successful plant business to support his family

Tough times: He was living in a shed with his mom and younger sister (his older sister moved to Mexico with their grandma) after his mom lost her job due to the pandemic

Bernice said it broke her heart when they moved into the shed in East LA, where Aaron had a hard time doing schoolwork because they didn’t have internet or even a table for him to work at.

They also had to shower outside, and used a bathroom at a nearby restaurant.

‘We didn’t have any other options,’ she told Today. ‘As a mother it broke my heart. I felt like I was failing my kids.’

Lacking necessities, Aaron certainly couldn’t afford any luxuries, like the cheese-covered Cheetos he loves from a local food truck.

So one day. Bernice joked that Arron should start his own business so he’d have his own money to buy his favorite snack.

When Aaron said he wanted to start selling plants, his mom gave him the only $12 she had, telling him to invest it.

While some kids might have brought that cash straight to a candy store, Aaron spent the money on eight mini succulents and sold them at a table outside his shed, each for a $4 profit.

With the money he made, he bought more plants, and people kept stopping to buy them. Some even tipped him.

His business has continued to grow and grow. He still sells succulents, but also other potted plants, sage, roses, and even some flowers.

Now, his setup is bigger than ever, with locals stopping buy to shop from Aaron’s Garden.

Recently, he partnered with Nike, which donated Nike-shaped planters by Bodega Rose — so customers can take home plants nestled into little shoes.

Story Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8971197/Homeless-eight-year-old-lived-SHED-starts-thriving-plant-business.html

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