Kitten rescued from Louisville airport ramp gets adopted by safety officer

December 16, 2020
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Here’s a heroic story with a purr-fect ending from the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport.


According to the airport’s Twitter, a stray kitten made its way onto the terminal ramp recently. Luckily, the ops team came to the rescue.

They said team members cleaned the kitten up and cared for it overnight. The very next day the kitten had a new home with one of the airport’s public safety officers.


The little rescue is now living with Officer Wes England. We’re told he named the kitten Boeing, Bo for short.


“A happy ending for everyone!” the airport tweeted.

Here’s a look at the pair:

He shared that his wife, Katrina, and two children, Hailey, 14 and Gage, 4, are big fans of Bo.

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