Kitten’s life saved with an Uber ride

September 26, 2021
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When Kylie Gross spotted a small kitten running through traffic during her commute, she scooped the animal up and went on her way.

“I knew I needed to check my surroundings, look both ways, and definitely was hyper-aware of my surroundings during this cat mission,” Gross said. “When I got to work, I couldn’t get her out of the car. I had no idea where she is. I could just hear her meowing.”

Unfortunately, the animal had climbed under her steering wheel. With no alternative, the nurse practitioner enlisted the help of the fire department.

Once the firefighters got the kitten out, Gross had to figure out how to help her. Thinking quickly, she thought of Furry Friends Rescue.

“I contacted them and they said if I could get the cat to them, then they would take her. So I called the cat an Uber,” Gross said. “I use Uber. So why not rescue a kitten using Uber?”

Jose Jimenez, a driver for the rideshare service, was more than willing to help.

“When it comes to saving a little pet like this, I’ll go anywhere,” he said. “Feels great, any time you can save anyone’s life, animal, human, anything, it feels great. It’s always great to save someone’s life.”

At the rescue facility, doctors determined that the kitten was in good health, aside from being slightly underweight.

And she was given the perfect name: Uber!

That said, the rescue effort wasn’t cheap. All told, the Uber ride cost Gross $160, but she has no regrets, saying, “I’d do it again immediately.”

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