‘Little bags of love’: Five-year-old girl uses tooth fairy money to create goody bags for the homeless

March 9, 2021
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Image source: https://www.timesnownews.com/

In our childhood, there were certain things that brought us immense joy. One of which was when our milk tooth broke. We were quite gullible to believe that a ‘tooth fairy’ came and put the money under our pillows.

Now, the ‘hard-earned money’ had to be spent in the best way possible. While many would spend it on getting their favourite toys, a five-year-old girl named Amaya Thompson decided to use it for a very good cause.

Hailing from Hertfordshire in the UK, she got two of her teeth broken at the dentist last month. This resulted in the tooth fairy giving her the reward of a whopping £50! For anyone, this is more than enough to lavish oneself with toys of any kind. However, Amaya did not deem it fit to spend it all on herself.

Her mother, Samantha Field, was pleasantly surprised by the decision. Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said that she saved £10 to spend it on herself and the rest 40 will be spent on creating goody bags for the homeless people.

“She said the homeless people must be very cold as they don’t have anywhere to live, and that’s how this idea of the bags came about, she told the Daily Mail.

Calling them ‘little bags of love,’ each of them was a paper bag that contained toiletries such as deodorant, dry shampoo, facial wipes, hand sanitizer, toothbrush, and some food. Along with that, there was a heartfelt letter and drawing dedicated to them. Amaya created around 20 of such bags.

These were then handed out given to a local homeless charity named ‘Feed Up Warm Up.’

crowdfunding page has also been created by Samantha in order to raise more money so that Amaya can make more such bags.

Being the only daughter and granddaughter of the family, Thompson is very well-loved and looked after. “I’ve always been one to remind her that she is very lucky so that she doesn’t get complacent with the things she gets. I’m very big on making sure she’s kind to other people,” she added.

Story Source: https://www.timesnownews.com/the-buzz/article/girl-spends-her-tooth-fairy-money-on-the-homeless-wins-hearts/720291

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