February 16, 2021
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At roughly 2 a.m. on Thursday, January 14, Lollypop Farm Humane Law Enforcement Investigators responded to a call about a house fire in Perinton, New York, where it was estimated that 60 – 70 cats were living inside and were in immediate danger.

Our team jumped into action, immediately starting to remove cats from the burned residence and transport them to the clinic at Lollypop Farm, where they would require baths, recuperation time in oxygen tanks, and other forms of lifesaving care. Displaced, scared, and suffering from smoke inhalation, these cats desperately needed our help.

Knowing that we would need to quickly free up space in the shelter for this large group of cats, we turned to our community for support. And they came through with incredible haste! From local rescue groups, to families willing to take on a foster-to-adopt, we were able to find homes for over 20 cats available for adoption, and free up resources for the newly admitted felines. Many supporters who could not bring a cat into their home but still wanted to help made donations to Lollypop Farm, supporting their care.

In addition to adult cats, a number of kittens—some newborn—were also rescued from the house. These kittens will get to start out fresh in foster homes while they regain their health, and then will find the happy homes they deserve. Intensive and extended veterinary care for these cats, along with your support, is critical to saving their lives. By making a gift today, you are ensuring that these cats and others in need of emergency veterinary services receive the care they desperately need. Thank you!

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