Louisiana Boy Writes Sweet Letters About Foster Dog to Pass on to Pup’s Adopters: ‘The Best Dog’

March 15, 2022
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Maggie is a pit bull mix pup from North Shore Animal League America (NSALA). The nonprofit rescued the dog as a young puppy last year and put out a call for a foster family for the pup shortly after.

Too young to be adopted, Maggie needed a foster home after her rescue so she had a place to become comfortable with the home environment and work on her basic obedience skills. The Duncan family in Louisiana was the lucky foster family to take in Maggie.

According to NSALA, six-year-old Roman quickly bonded with Maggie and helped the puppy during her formative months. Throughout the entire experience, Roman’s family made it clear that fostering Maggie meant that another family would eventually adopt the pup.

Roman knew that his new cuddle buddy wasn’t going to stay in his home forever, but he still formed a special bond with the pup and was sad to see her leave for NSALA’s shelter in Port Washington, New York when Maggie became old enough to be adopted.

To help sort through his feelings, Roman decided to write letters to Maggie’s future forever family to let them know all about the fantastic canine. The notes contained praise like “Maggie is the best dog you could ask for” and “loves cutelleyes [sic] and being loved.”

When it came time to load Maggie onto her transport to New York, Roman slipped his letters into Maggie’s paperwork. This sweet surprise delighted the Animal League America rescue team. NSALA made sure that Roman’s letters about Maggie’s cuteness, good manners, and great personality went into the hands of the pup’s adopters when she found her forever family.

NSALA hopes that Roman’s letters and experience raising a foster puppy inspire other families to try fostering pets. To learn more about pet fostering opportunities and NSALA’s animal rescue work, visit the organization’s website.

Story Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/louisiana-boy-writes-sweet-letters-about-foster-dog-to-pass-on-to-pups-adopters-the-best-dog/ar-AAUKLLO

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