Make music not war: Serbian sculptor turns old weapons into musical instruments

March 9, 2021
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After major conflicts in former Yugoslavia, the country of Serbia has still a lot of used weapons to deal with. The junkyards around the state are filled with old rifles, helmets, or even vehicles. 

To deal with the sad past in a creative way, 42-year-old Serbian sculptor Nikola Macura decided to turn the tools that once served a destructive purpose into objects of art.

“Guns are all around us. We are so surrounded with the destruction that we no longer notice it”, said Macura.

Macura’s goal is to create the whole orchestra using the old weaponry. He’s managed to turn an army gas bucket and a bazooka into a cello, as well as to add a first aid kit box to an assault rifle magazine to assemble violin.

Once the orchestra is ready, he wants to hire a few war veterans as the musicians and to travel around the region of Novi Sad.

“I aim to offer those people who participated in the war a chance to utilize the weapons they used to wage war to create music instead”, he said.

According to AFP, Macura has already managed to recruit Srdjan Sarovic, a veteran, that uses a guitar made out of a rifle and a helmet.

“It disappears as a rifle and becomes exclusively a musical instrument,” he commented on his new role.

“When I hold it in my hands and play it, all I worry about is how to align with the instrument,” Sarovics adds.

Watch the progress of Macura’s art on his Instagram.

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