Man close to death ‘lights up’ when Liverpool rescuer mentions Sadio Mane

January 15, 2022
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A man helped save the life of a stranded fisherman off the coast of west Africa.

Tony Nicholas, 49, was sailing in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Senegal on November 5 when he spotted a figure waving back at him.

Tony, from Old Swan, contacted a maritime station at Dakar and was told that a local fisherman had been missing for 10 days.

Tony then ordered his crew to sail the MV Inyanga Entsha alongside the fisherman’s boat, but the Liverpool man was apprehensive due to fears over piracy in the area.

When Tony was happy for the rescue to proceed, his crew lifted the fisherman’s vessel out of the water with a crane onto the Inyanga Entsha ship.

Tony said: “He had been drinking sea water and was probably about one day from death. He became very emotional when he came on deck and realised he was going to be ok. His name was Oussaman Sarr and we think he was 23.

“He did not speak English but I remember his eyes lit up when I said Sadio Mane, who is from Senegal. I think Oussaman must have been a Liverpool fan.

“We took the fisherman back to the port at Dakar where we were met by lots of naval officials. It was quite a big deal.

“Oussaman was then reunited with his family which was really emotional.

“I am just relieved that we spotted him and were able to save a life.”

Tony, who has worked off shore for around 30 years, told the ECHO that the rescue took place in a hotspot for pirates.

He said: “Unfortunately many pirates simulate situations where a fisherman is stranded and then move in. I was very apprehensive during the whole rescue operation.”

Tony said that although he spends the majority of his time at sea he still manages to watch the football.

He said: “Yes most of the vessels now have internet access and we can watch the game on our phones and tablets. I rarely miss a game. I love the current team and all the stars but for me there is only one Kenny Dalglish.

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