Maryland teen donates left over gift cards from Eagle Scout project to kids in need

January 20, 2021
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It’s an annual tradition for Tawana Baylor, the matriarch of her Southwest Washington DC community, to hold a toy and coat give-away for the children of her neighborhood. Friend Niki Mock brought 200 donated toys on this night, but Mock wasn’t this year’s surprise Santa.

“My name is Mory-Ellis Diane, and I’m 15 years old,” says Diane.

On Saturday, Mory-Ellis Diane handed out dozens of bags of food and grocery store gift cards to those in need as part of his Eagle Scout project.

He then saw the story ABC7’s Jay Korff did a couple of months ago on Ms. Tawana’s on-going efforts to feed this community during the pandemic. See that powerful story here.

Mory-Ellis says, “And then I had gift cards leftover and then I came upon Ms. Tawana’s story on your website and decided that’s who I wanted to serve so I decided to donate some gift cards and food items.”

This teenager recently came to the realization that his passion would be in nourishing those in need, just like Tawana Baylor.

Baylor tells Mory-Ellis, “Oh my God. You are my angel man. Where did you get that sweet spirit from?”

He tells us, “I just hate seeing people suffer. The less fortunate when I see them it just hurts my heart. Because I know I have stuff but there are still people out there who don’t, so I have to give back to my community.”

On that day, he and his mother, Shannon, delivered boxes of food to Baylor along with 40 $25 gift cards.

“Oh my God man. You gonna make Ms. Tawana’s heart cry,” says Baylor.

Because those gift cards will help feed the kids of this community for weeks.

Baylor adds, “Them kids, and there are about 50 more, are gonna eat well Mr. Jay. We ain’t gonna run outta no bread, no eggs, no sir.”

Thanks to a surprise Santa in the form of a 15-year-old Boy Scout with a big heart and a new mentor in Ms. Tawana Baylor.

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