Meghalaya Farmer Gifts Maize From His Plantation To COVID Vaccination Team

August 1, 2021
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Chief Minister Conrad Kongkal Sangma mentioned Chimagre Songittal’s deeds. The farmer’s act of kindness has been lauded by several people. People in rural areas are struggling to cope with the surge in coronavirus cases and the fear of the potential third wave, in the face of an unequipped rural public health system. To add to it, concerns regarding the COVID vaccine rose in these areas. Villagers have been reluctant to inoculate themselves owing to various perceptions about it. However, healthcare workers have worked their best to overcome the fear among the people and urged them to not fall prey to rumours. Many villagers have shown the way to fight the vaccine hesitancy and have expressed their gratitude to the COVID warriors. One such noble person is Meghalaya’s Chimagre Songittal. When the healthcare workers visited his village in the East Garo Hills district for the vaccination drive, Songittal took a bundle of maize from his plantation as a gift for the medical professionals. Chief Minister Conrad Kongkal Sangma’s office mentioned Songittal deeds. The farmer’s act of kindness has been lauded by netizens.

On Saturday, July 3, the Ministry of Development of Northeast Region (DONER) informed that all the states recorded a ‘progressive decline’ in the test positivity rate, except Meghalaya.

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