Milton Keynes lake rescue: Mum tracks down pair who saved son

October 3, 2021
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A mother whose young son fell into a lake has used social media to track down the two men who rescued him.

Natasha Creek and Frankie, 7, were at Caldecotte Lake in Milton Keynes when he fell off a jetty last month.

Brothers Kofi and Jermaine Reid were nearby and pulled him from the water but she said she was too shaken at the time to properly thank them.

She found the pair after a Facebook appeal and was “blown away” to meet them again with the whole family.

Mrs Creek said the incident, on 23 August, happened quickly and her son was not a strong swimmer.

“I was facing away for just a second and didn’t hear him fall into the water as my dogs were making so much noise,” she said.

“The two lads were sitting nearby, heard the splash and ran to drag him out. We still have our son because of their quick actions. They saved his life.”

Determined to track them down, she wrote a Facebook post with a grainy picture taken just seconds before Frankie fell into the water.

It was shared more than 400 times in 24 hours and a friend of one of the brothers came forward to put them in touch.

Mrs Creek said: “I am amazed at how quickly this all escalated – so many friends and complete strangers helping to find these two amazing lads.”

The family – Natasha Creek, husband Phil, son Frankie and daughter Arabella – arranged to meet Kofi, 23, and Jermaine, 29, at a local pub.

Mrs Creek said: “We were blown away. They were the nicest guys and so humble about what they did.”

Kofi described the reunion as “the best thing”.

“They are such a loving family and it was a pleasure meeting and spending time together,” he said.

“I’m just happy me and my brother were at the right place at the right time.”

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