Mom Grateful To ‘Hero Little Boy’ Who Saved Her Family From Fire

May 31, 2021
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An East Shoreham woman is reaching out to thank the little boy and his mom who saved her family as their home was burning on Saturday.

Danielle Apryl said at 8 a.m., her house on Suffolk Down caught fire.

“One our neighbors alerted us by banging on the door,” Apryl said. “They were trying to get the door open and screaming through the window. I didn’t know what to expect so I ran over and yelled out, ‘Who are you? What do you want’? Thinking I would hear something totally different I heard words that I never wanted to hear, or thought I would: ‘Your house is on fire! Get out!'” she said.

Apryl said she doesn’t even remember running over to her son, who just turned 1, and “ripping him out of his highchair. I have never screamed as loud as I did to try and wake up other family members who were sleeping.”

Apryl’s wife Diana, her parents, who were visiting, and her three dogs were also in the house.

“I just keep hearing myself, saying, over and over, ‘Our house is on fire! Our house is on fire! Get out!’ In the middle of the chaos it’s hard to think straight but I knew I needed everyone to wake up and just get out,” she said.

The police came quickly and helped Apryl out of the home with her son, she said.

But it was that quick-thinking neighbor and her son who saved her family, she said

“I was completely clueless that the house was on fire; I was on the opposite side of the house,” Apryl said. “If it wasn’t for this woman running to my house — where there were huge flames — to get us out, the story could have ended very differently. The words ‘thank you’ aren’t enough — she saved my family and my home. I will be forever grateful to her.”

Unsure of what the woman looked like due to the chaos that ensued, Apryl vowed to find the courageous neighbor — while planning to knock on nearby doors to find her, she also posted about the save on social media.

New to the neighborhood, Apryl said she didn’t know most of her neighbors but after posting about the woman who’d saved them on Facebook, she was told that their next-door neighbor’s young son, around 4, had been playing in his backyard “digging for gold” when he heard their truck explode and he saw flames.

“He said he ran to his mom, saying, ‘Call the firemen!’ The young boy continued to watch our home and than alerted his mom again that we weren’t getting out of the house,” Apryl said. “That was when she told him to stay put and she selflessly ran past the fire to bang on our door. Her son and she are heroes. If it wasn’t for them my son and family could of possibly been injured — or worse.”

The neighbor and her son chose not to be identified, Apryl said — but she wanted to share their story of courage.

“We lost both of our vehicles, and the inside of our house reeks of smoke, but the damage to our house is mostly on the outside and garage. We feel incredibly blessed and grateful that we are able to save our home,” she said.

Apryl also thanked the Rocky Point Fire Department, Shoreham Company #3, who “saved our home — and were so respectful.”

She also thanked police who stayed with her family throughout the terrifying time.

In those moments when her home was burning, Apryl learned the true meaning of community.

“The EMTs were sweethearts and offered to get us breakfast. Our neighbors came together and helped us tremendously. They set up tables, got us breakfast, offered their homes, and fed us all day. In such an ugly, scary time we were also reminded how we are surrounded by beautiful people and it made the nightmare just a bit easier.”

Apryl added: “To the fire department, the police department, EMS, and to all of our neighbors on Suffolk Down, you made an extremely ugly scary time easier and reminded us that we are surrounded by amazing, beautiful people. Thank you all for helping us, feeding us, saving us— and saving our home.”

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