NRK meets Nils Jøran Eira (34) in Láhpoluoppal in Kautokeino.

It has been 2 months since he got his belt wheelchair . Now he is ready to show his new everyday life.

– Where are we going now?

– To the reindeer fence in Náhpolsáiva, Nils Jøran answers with satisfaction.

It’s time for reindeer herding and with the fine weather with him, Nils Jøran starts the trip up to the fence. The belt wheelchair can drive a full 35 km / h, which fits well.

Nils Jøran has not had the opportunity to get to the reindeer fence for many years, so the joy is great when he finally goes to the fence again.

– I do not think that the chair runs out of power during the trip, but I have brought an extra charger in case.

Helping hand in the reindeer fence

Arriving at the fence, they are strong enough to get Nils Jøran into the fence. Strings must be loosened and lifted so Nils Jøran gets in.

When he finally gets in, it does not take more than 20 seconds before he is put to work. All alone.

With the belt wheelchair, he will pick up reindeer from the big fence to the core, which usually takes a lot of time and energy.

With the belt wheelchair, this task becomes easy as a stain.

Nils Jøran’s godfather Hans Ole Eira is enthusiastic about the wheelchair’s function in reindeer husbandry.

– Now the reindeer knew where they were going. They realized that now it is of no use, says Hans Ole.

Nils Jøran adds that the reindeer is probably hardly used to his vehicle.

Due to the muscle disease, Nils Jøran has not been able to help with the fencing work, but now this has also changed.

– It was fun to see Nils Jøran in the lead to bring the animals to the core. He has not been able to do that for several years, says Hans Ole.

An improved everyday life

His brother Mikkel Andreas Eira also notices that the belt wheelchair has a positive effect on Nils Jøran’s everyday life.

– Nils Jøran is much happier now. He can go where he wants, such as to the reindeer, the fence, friends, etc. The special wheelchair has been very good for him.

Mikkel Andreas says that Nils Jøran as a child was very enterprising in the reindeer fence.

– He used to sleep against a rock, while the elderly looked after their calves, and did not go to the low vole until we finished. So the interest in reindeer is high.

Precisely because of the strong interest, family and relatives ensure that Nils Jøran can participate in the operation as much as possible.

– This summer we will build a cladding here by the fence, where Nils Jøran can also sit and watch the work.

– I think it’s very fun for the whole siida that Nils Jøran gets to the fence now, we are a big family.

Looking forward to the future

Inside the core, Nils Jøran is a little worried that the reindeer will run on the belt wheelchair, but after a while it turns out that it does not happen.

– I did not know that I could drive all the way to the core with it and thought I would stand outside with it.

Nils Jøran says he is happy with the day and is looking forward to more trips to the reindeer fence.

– It is so fun that I can be here and see the animals, the reindeer is so important to me, Nils Jøran concludes.