Now Vesterbro’s homeless are being vaccinated

March 9, 2021
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Before the corona, Øksnehallen in Copenhagen hosted parties, exhibitions and conferences. Later a coronate center. But today and tomorrow, Øksnehallen houses those who do not have a house when 100homeless and other socially disadvantaged from inner Vesterbro shellvaccinated .

The Capital Region is thus the firstregion tovaccinate this vulnerable group, and so far the day has gone beyond all expectations.

– The users are just so happy. It runs excellently, says the message from Majken Fuglsang, who is the health professional manager for Mændenes Hjem in Vesterbro.

No vaccine skepticism here

From the vaccination center, Majken Fuglsang can report that around 70 have been given today vaccines and one will save some of the 100 doses for tomorrow.

And they coveted vaccine doses fall in a dry place.

– It is bone hard when there is infection in these environments. If you are in close contact as a homeless person, you need to be isolated like everyone else. But here insulation just means that you have to stay out in the cold, and thus lose access to the toilet and heat.

To become vaccinated does not in itself mean that the guidelines as close contact or the like are changed. But theyhomeless people are aware of how important it is that the infection can be kept out of the heat rooms. Therefore, it has not been difficult to persuade them to getvaccines .

 They know very well that the vaccine is the way to get into the heat and get his food. So the vaccine skepticism that is seen elsewhere in society is not seen here, says Majken Fuglsang.

Today, all organizations help

It takes a little preparation to summon a person who has neither a physical mailbox nor an e-box for his vaccination period. But they know the men’s homehomeless in inner Vesterbro in advance and know where they are.

Last week, Majken Fuglsang and a doctor walked around and asked the socially disadvantaged who were entitled to a vaccination if they were interested in getting the sting.

Those who said yes have today been approached by people from the organizations that work with the particularly socially disadvantaged in inner Vesterbro. They have set the day aside to follow themhomeless to Øksnehallen.

And the same model they will follow when the second plug is to be given. Majken Fuglsang is not nervous that they will probably get hold of the vulnerable again.

– We have explained to them that they have to show up again before it works. And with the spirit we have seen today, I have no doubt that it will probably happen.

Socially disadvantaged people have moved up the queue

At the end of January, it was decided that Homeless and socially disadvantaged people who are at particularly high risk of developing a bad disease course with corona must belong to the vaccination calendar’s target group 5, also called ‘particularly increased risk’. That group has been offered the plug since January.

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