One young boy got a big surprise recently when a brand-new basketball hoop showed up in his yard.

Coledo Wheeler, the mother of 11-year-old Elijah, said when she got back from work one day, she noticed a new basketball sitting on her porch with a note attached.

“I realized it was instructions to a basketball hoop,” Wheeler said in an interview with “Good Morning America.” “That’s when I looked up and I saw the new one in the yard.”

The family, who lives in Ohio, was so surprised by this act of kindness.

Wheeler said their local FedEx driver, Aubrey, noticed Wheeler’s two youngest sons, Elijah, and Zachary, 9, playing with a broken basketball hoop when she would drive by.

Wheeler said the gesture was like an early Christmas present for her family, especially for the boys, who love to play basketball.

“This was just such a blessing for her to do this, and I never ever expected it. It really was a total shock,” Wheeler added.

Wheeler said Elijah plays with the new hoop every morning before school, and she hopes Aubrey gets the recognition she deserves.

FedEx acknowledged the story on Facebook, writing, “Dream team! We truly have the best team members in the world.”

The family hasn’t seen Aubrey since she dropped off the hoop, but Wheeler said they can’t wait to say thank you in person.

“There’s so much negativity going on right now,” Wheeler said. “This was definitely something that was special, and it was inspiring.”