Over $25K Raised for Boy Mauled While Defending Siblings Against Dogs

July 1, 2021
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Over $25,000 has been raised in a GoFundMe account for a Detroit boy as of Friday who was viciously mauled while defending his three younger siblings after two canines got loose in the neighborhood.

So far, more than $25,000 has been raised for medical expenses needed for Deacon Ashmore, 12, out of the fundraisers goal of $30,000 which was created Thursday after the Detroit Free Press first reported on the boy’s attack that occurred Monday.

“Many of you know Deacon Ashmore as a great young man! Deacon proved that Monday evening,” wrote Clete Bontrager who organized the fundraiser.

“He had surgery Tuesday morning to repair his calf. Deacon will have medical bills which may include physical therapy,” Bontrager added.

More than 350 people already donated to the fundraiser in support of Deacon with the top donation being $10,000 from an anonymous donor. Multiple anonymous donations were for $10, $20 and $50.

“This young man is simply heroic. It’s an honor to contribute to this fund,” donor Cynthia Dooley wrote while contributing $200.

“We are so overwhelmed!!! We are so grateful that so many perfect strangers have rallied to support Deacon!” Peter Ashmore, Deacon’s father, wrote to the Detroit Free Press on Friday about the funds raised.

Bontrager told Newsweek he is Deacon’s pastor at the Restore Church of Detroit and has known him for years after he was born in Ethiopia and adapted to his family in the U.S. He said his family has been members of the church for years.

“We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love Deacon has received both locally and literally around the world,” Bontrager said.

On Monday, Deacon was outside playing with his siblings and a few other children as they rode bikes and ran around when two canines got loose and charged them, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Deacon said he held the dogs off as his younger siblings, two sisters ages 9 and 7 and a brother who is 5, ran inside their home.

His mother, Elisabeth Ashmore, said he “jumped in front of all the other kids and made sure they could run home really fast before the dogs got them.”

Deacon’s leg was punctured after one of the dog’s bit into his left calf, his mother said. Deacon hit the dog until it removed its teeth from his leg, which allowed him to escape.

His mother said Deacon’s leg was so badly mauled that his bone was visible and there was a lot of blood but he luckily did not have any broken bones.

Deacon was rushed to Children’s Hospital where he received tetanus and rabies shots where plastic surgeons worked to repair the damages he suffered from the dog bite. He was kept there overnight and was released the following day.

“He’s going to make a complete recovery and be just fine. He’s home on crutches. It could be a couple of weeks. I’m not even sure how many stitches they ended up putting in.” Ashmore told the Detroit Free Press Wednesday who mentioned Deacon was adopted as a baby from Ethiopia.

Deacon is a sixth grade student at University Prep Academy.

“He is a bright young man when it comes to his schooling and takes being a big brother seriously. Just an overall lovable young man,” Bontrager said and mentioned he loves Marvel’s Avengers and superhero characters and movies.

“God bless your bravery! Your siblings are lucky that you thought so quickly! Get well soon little hero!,” GoFundMe donor Valerie Martinelli wrote and donated $10 toward Deacon.

Story Source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/good-news/over-dollar25k-raised-for-boy-mauled-while-defending-siblings-against-dogs/ar-AAKfhvx

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