Pawn shop recovers Boston doctor’s gold chain stolen from gym locker

November 24, 2022
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A Boston doctor feared he might never see his prized possession again, after a thief broke into his Allston gym locker Wednesday and took off with the gold chain.

“This is like the one thing I have that holds a ton of sentimental value to me,” the doctor named John told WBZ.

It had been a gift for medical school, passed down from John’s father – also a physician.

“He’s someone who is not only a great role model in caring for his patients but also very present as a father and someone I hope to emulate one day,” he said fondly.

He brought a photo of the stolen necklace to a nearby pawn shop when it opened Thursday. But expectations were low.

“People send me pictures of belongings missing all the time. It never has a happy ending,” said Michael Bayles, who owns LBC Boutique Cash for Gold.

John said if he’d slept in just an hour later Thursday morning, he might have been in the store at the same time as the person who stole the necklace. Because as soon as he showed the flyer and left, a suspect walked in holding it.

“Grabbed the paper, I had the chain in my hand. ‘They’re looking for this, I just called them, they’re on their way. What do you want to do?’ The suspect took off and ran out the door,” Bayles recalled.

Boston police are looking for that suspect. But he’s empty-handed, and John and his dad – delighted.

“I’m just really happy the folks here are honest and decent people and we’re able to get it back. I’m really appreciative,” John said.

“This particular instance was amazing. It was astonishing, a crazy story. I’m glad it came out really well for everybody,” Bayles added.

Bayles recommended that if anyone unfortunately finds themselves in John’s unfortunate position: File a police report, be descriptive with markings and serial numbers. Then wait a week to call around checking pawn shops. It worked out this time, but he said shops don’t always want to get involved buying an item they suspect or have been warned is stolen.

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