Perseverance of Paradise represented on Mars Rover as it begins 300 million mile journey

August 12, 2020
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NASA’s mission to Mars lifted off Thursday morning. NASA’s Mars Rover lifted off from Florida just before 5 a.m. Pacific time Thursday, beginning a seven-month voyage to reach Mars, and begin looking for signs of ancient life on the red planet.

This illustration made available by NASA depicts the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter on the red planet’s surface near the Perseverance rover, left. NASA is upping the ante with its newest rover headed to Mars. Set to rocket away this week from Florida, Perseverance is NASA’s brawniest and brainiest Martian rover yet. (NASA/JPL-Caltech via AP)

China and the United Arab Emirates launched their own Mars missions last week, All three missions should reach their destination in February after a journey of 300 million miles

There is a tribute to the Northstate onboard the Mars Rover ‘Perseverance.’ NASA chose to honor the perseverance of Camp Fire survivors from Paradise by etching two phrases into chips on the rover, commemorating the town of Paradise. The chips are inscribed with the words “Paradise Strong” and “Town of Paradise”

A NASA employee, visited Paradise back in March to deliver a plaque to the Paradise Town Council and to visit local schools. Now a symbol of Paradise is on the way to Mars.

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