Plane with 40 Armenian captives to land in Yerevan

December 31, 2020
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The plane carrying more than 40 Armenian captives will land in Yerevan shortly, Artsakh’s President Arayik Harutyunyan says.

“In these difficult days, when our people try to straighten their backs again from the pain and bitterness of the loss caused by the terrible war, sometimes bright spots are noticed that inspire us with hope and faith to live, to rebuild everything,” the President said in a Facebook post.

“The plane carrying more than 40 of our captives returning to their homeland will land in Yerevan in a few minutes. I will meet them personally together with their relatives,” the President said.

“Finding out the fate of all our missing compatriots, the return of all surviving servicemen and civilians, search for the bodies of the dead and their retrieval remain the most pressing humanitarian issues on our agenda,” President Harutyunyan added.

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