Police aid mom who delivered baby in car outside hospital

March 20, 2021
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Image Source: https://hardandsmart.net/

Two police officers in New Jersey took immediate action when a woman gave birth in a car outside a hospital.

Officers Auttika Taing and Justin Peyton were leaving the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center when a vehicle pulled behind them and the driver said her friend needed help, Atlantic City police said.

The woman had just given birth and the baby was inside her pants.

Body cam video showed Taing safely removed the baby and the umbilical cord from around the baby’s neck.

The baby was wrapped in a jacket while medical personnel cut the cord, police said.

Peyton pinched the cord while Taing carried the baby into the emergency room, police said.

The officers met the mother and the baby, Anna, on Wednesday. Both are “doing well,” police said.

Story Source: https://hardandsmart.net/2021/02/25/police-aid-mom-who-delivered-baby-in-car-outside-hospital/

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