Queen Elizabeth Signs new law against animal cruelty

June 3, 2021
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Rendering a prove to this valuable saying Queen Elizabeth signed a new law for the Animal Welfare Act 2021. This is because of the increasing the maximum penalty for animal cruelty in England and Wales. It is from six months to five years in prison. The amended law also pursuits to discourage would-be animal abusers from committing acts of cruelty.

The world animal news reported this matter previously in 2019. When the member of parliament Christ Loder brought this matter, more than 70% of people supported together prison sentence for animal abuses. Christ Loder shared this statement on his website. He becomes inspired to create an alternate after expanding a springer spaniel cruelly abandoned on the roadside. He brought it home to his family farm in West Dorset. Loder noted in a message on his Twitter account. He noted that the animal welfare act had just completed all parliamentary stage in both houses. It was subsequently taken to her majesty the Queen Elizabeth of Royal Assent.

Animal Deserve Justice

Just after one day of this change in law for animals, Loder tweeted “ Animal Deserve Justice.” This law is expected to come into force in June of this year. there is more work to be done over this and Loder emphasized. We must protect all animals. They play a great role to balance our nature. Everybody loves to enjoy the beauty of the environment. As we all know there are many species of animals in danger due to the human act. If we think that extinction is a natural process that goes on even in the absence of humans.

Why should we stop it?

It is very important to think about these things. This earth was made for all beings not just for only humans. Read our petly animal facts from here.

Story Source: https://petly.us/queen-elizabeth-signs-new-law-against-animal-cruelty/

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