Rescuers Save Lost Dog from Giant Hole in Georgia and Reunite the Unharmed Pet with its Owner

July 1, 2021
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A lost dog in Georgia has been saved by local officials after falling down a massive hole.

According to an Instagram post from Georgia’s Cobb County Animal Services, Ty McIntyre was checking his property when he discovered the dog trapped in a deep, muddy hole.

McIntyre quickly called for help, and the Cobb County Fire Department responded to the scene, the post added.

It is unclear how long the canine had been trapped in the hole before help arrived.

Along with the caption, Cobb County Animal Services shared a photo of the dog stuck in the hole looking up, as well as two additional snapshots of firefighters rescuing the dog with the help of a long ladder. The photos from the heroic moment were reposted on Cobb County’s official Facebook page.

Thanks to the firefighters, the dog was safely pulled from the pit it accidentally fell into. Miraculously, the pet sustained no major injuries from its fall into the hole. Following the rescue, the authorities reunited the unharmed dog with its owner, officials said.

“Great teamwork from all,” Cobb County Animal Services concluded on Instagram.

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